Decorating Your Ceremony Site

decorating ceremony photo

Decoration of ceremony site and reception

Florists will decorate wedding site and reception with beautiful fresh flowers. It is possible to get great designs from locally available flowers so that you will be able to make the most of your money. You will want to order bouquets, petals and other things as per your needs. By working with the selected florist, you can accomplish beautiful designs and it is possible to realize your dreams as well. The decorative elements should complement your wedding dress, venue and other elements.

Variety of flowers and colors

There is variety of flowers and colors which should be presented on the wedding site. The wedding site will have its own beauty. However, you can give a personal touch by choosing a very impressive floral decoration. If you have a church wedding, you should go for floral spray. The alter can be filed with floral spray. You can fill the topiaries at the entrance of the altar and at the entrance of the church.

To add dramatic effect to the setting, you can go for fabric draping as well so that there will be great appearance. The draping should be done at the edges of church pews. Floral arrangements can be added at the end of the pew. The color can be changed at every alternate pew.

If you are arranging the wedding in a garden setting, additional details should be addressed. As the beautiful nature will engulf you, it is possible to settle with minimum decoration. The floral spray at the arbor can be applied in this context. Best flower accent can be added to the floral spray to deliver great looks.

decorating reception photo

Decoration at the venue

To decorate the wedding site in a very efficient way, you should get earlier snaps captured by the photographer. If you go through the decorations used by previous brides, you can choose the best design. The new decorations can be visualized by using the multimedia as well.

The replacement will be done digitally and highly sophisticated looks can be obtained on the wedding site. The florist should visit your site so that he will understand the physical limitations of the site and the planning can be done in a very efficient way.

Decoration of reception site

After the completion of the wedding ceremony, guests will enter the reception venue. The entrance should be decorated in a pleasing manner. As there are many decoration possibilities at the reception site, you should figure out your budget. As you go through the style magazines and wedding magazines, you will come across various designs.

You can choose a decorative choice as per the style of wedding, and physical attributes of the site. When centerpieces are attractive decoration elements in a garden setting, you should add additional creative elements at the reception ballroom. The wall details should be very much enhanced with floral designs. As crystal chandeliers will deliver enough radiance, you can go for minimum decoration.

The decoration plan should be in tune with the details of the reception site. Hence, you should get the dimensions and those details should be conveyed to the florist in advance. After paying the physical visit with the florist, the design and style should be finalized.

Enhance visibility

The wedding decoration as well as reception decoration should be done in such a way that will not be any obstacles. Guests should be able to have clear view of the stage or ceremony proceedings. The positioning should be done in such a way so that photographers will be able to capture beautiful snaps with floral backgrounds.

If the florist keeps flowers at an eye level, there will be great inconvenience to wedding participants. Such kind of annoying experiences should be avoided and there will be great satisfaction with attractive floral designs. The decoration at various tables should be decided so that you will be able to present an impressive appearance at the reception venue.

If you are budget conscious, it is possible to shift some of the floral decorations from the wedding site to the reception site. However, it should be planned as per the availability of time and other resources. You should engage the task to reliable persons so that the entire decoration and maintenance will be done in a very efficient way.