How to plan a wedding

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How to plan for an enjoyable wedding ceremony?

You should plan for the wedding ceremony so that it will be enjoyable as well as manageable. If you go through a well-planned organizer, the day of your dreams can be planned in the best possible way. Different aspects of wedding should be covered in a prominent way so that there will not be any issues. From the wedding ceremony to the honeymoon, every aspect should be well planned and executed so that there will be great joy for the participants as well as the new couple.

Organize everything

With best wedding planning, you can organize everything in a very efficient way. Your organizational skills will be tested by planning the wedding in a perfect way. You should prepare a general list of major things so that you will have an overview and take decisions as per your convenience.

As you prepare a checklist, you can tick off after completing them. It will help you track the progress in a systematic way. The plan can include the following list:

  • Organization of engagement party
  • Selection of venue (wedding ceremony and reception)
  • Transportation to guests
  • Accommodation to guests
  • Selection of date and time of wedding
  • Fix the budget. It can be discussed with others who are contributing to it.
  • The wedding theme or style should be decided
  • A guest list should be prepared in consultation with both families
  • Selection of caterers
  • Selection of musicians
  • Preparation of wedding invitations and stationery
  • The wedding attire for yourself and attendants

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Wedding ceremony

The details of wedding ceremony should be discussed with officiant. The minister or priest will participate on the grand day and their requirements should be fulfilled. You should choose your attendants and ushers who should be trained enough to deal with guests and family members in a gentle way as per the occasion.

Wedding photographer should be booked well in advance and you should have consultations about the theme of the wedding. You can go through the past projects successfully completed by the photographer so that you can settle for the best photographer and videographer. The caterer and musicians should be selected as per your taste.

The wedding rehearsal should be arranged so that no drawbacks can be witnessed on the grand day. You should buy gifts for the attendants and spouse to appreciate their presence and as a mark of gratitude. Out-of-town guests should be helped with accommodation. If anyone is required to speak on the special day, it should be notified. The reception seating details should be arranged as per your design.

Preparation for wedding

You should apply for the marriage license in advance so that you will have not issues. The wedding dress, shoes, makeup, and other accessories should be procured in two or three sessions. When you order the dress in advance, there will be sufficient time to alter it as per your dimensions.

There are fittings for groom and groomsmen’s suits and accessories which should be selected as per your needs. A gift list should be compiled and register can be organized as per the need. If you are planning for honeymoon, advanced reservations should be made. In addition to the preparation and arrangement of various things, there should be sufficient scope to relax. The bride and bridegroom should relax before the big day so that there will be fresh and bright appearance.

You should book a hotel room for the wedding night as part of wedding planning. You should take time off work so that you can plan for wedding, honeymoon and the planning can be done beforehand without any issues. You should move to the wedding ceremony with all legal documents such as marriage license, pre-nupital agreements and passports.

There are some things which should be finalized six to twelve months before the wedding day. Budget, wedding color scheme, venue, guest lists, caterers and beauty treatments should be started in advance so that your needs will be fulfilled in the best possible way. Invitations should be sent to guests at least 2 months in advance. You can phone calls to guests who do not turn up to your invitation. It can be done three to four weeks before the wedding ceremony.